Referrals and business trips abroad

Documents for Overseas Business Trips

Procedure for Submitting Documents for Overseas Business Trips

Overseas trips for students, graduate students, academic staff, and employees of the university are processed by the Center for International Cooperation and Partnerships (CICP).

Students, graduate students, academic staff, and employees of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture must submit a complete set of documents for the trip to the CICP no later than 10 working days before the start of the trip and no later than 21 working days for men, whose trip abroad requires additional approval from the Ministry.

The CICP is located in Room 315 of the main building of the university.

Instructions for Document Submission

Documents must include:

– A copy of the invitation from the host party and its translation into Ukrainian.

– A personal application addressed to the rector (approved by the rector’s signature) for faculty members, and a personal application addressed to the dean (approved by the dean’s signature) for students.

Applications for business trips are based on the invitation and must include justification for the trip, specifying the relevant dates, places, and conditions of stay abroad, the source of funding for the trip, and information about classes during the trip (whether they will be missed, rescheduled, or conducted online).

The information about the purpose, duration, and location of the stay must match in all submitted documents.

In some cases, additional documents and approvals may be required for processing the trip.

The deans of the respective faculties are responsible for forming and approving individual study plans.

Upon return from the trip, a report on the stay abroad must be submitted to the CICP within 10 days of return.


Please note that the period specified in the application/filing for the trip must include travel time (indicating the departure date from Kyiv and the return date to Kyiv).


During martial law, there are restrictions on the departure of male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 (detailed information from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine). As a result, processing overseas trips for academic staff and employees of the university may require contacting the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to facilitate obtaining permission to leave the country (prepared by the international relations department during the trip processing).

The final decision on permission to leave the territory of Ukraine is made by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.