Mission of the scientists of KNUCA is to raise the quality of architectural solutions, to create effective constructions, to improve technologies in organization, economy and in management of construction at all stages and in different conditions, to develop the technologies for resource-saving, occupational health and environmental protection.

The history of scientific subdivisions of KNUCA starts in 1935. The scientific and research sector of the institute was created. The development of scientific work is a logical continuation of major scientific achievements of the previous generation of scholars. Today, on the basis of research work amount, the University occupies the leading position among other higher educational institutions that work in the field of construction. Annually near 140 relevant scientific and research works and scientific and technical (experimental) developments are done, their total cost is about UAH 15 mln.

We also carry out the works on introduction of blast slag cement manufacture, the harmonization of normative requirements between the SBC of Ukraine and Eurocode in the framework of international technical assistance between European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, State specialized enterprise “Chornobylska NPP” and the company “NOVARKA”. The inspection and development of documents on drilling plugs testing in industrial area was carried out.

In collaboration of the State specialized enterprise “Chornobylska NPP” and the professionals of KNUCA the formulation for the selection of liquid radioactive waste has been developed.

The scientists of the University also carried out the scientific and research work connected with the reconstruction of NSC “Olimpiiskyi” and the National Bank of Ukraine in Kyiv city, the construction of Cosmodrome “Cyclone4” in Brazil, the custom-made contracts of Chongquin Research Institute of Construction and of the Academy of Aerospace technology (PRC)

The scientists of the University participate in the Program of the European Commonwealth HORIZON2020 and in the grants from the European Commonwealth. COSTActionTU 1301; COSTActionTU 1404; COSTAction TU 1407; SARCOS COSTActionCAI 5202; VALMINARTS and REMINE, COSTActionFP1407

The great attention is paid to the development of new State building codes and to making changes to the SBC of Ukraine in accordance with the regulatory requirements of Eurocode.


In KNUCA there are:

5 scientific and research institutes

13 scientific and research laboratories, centers

1123 professors, docents, doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences

35 professors were awarded with honorary titles of Ukraine

21 employees are awarded with State awards of Ukraine

20 employees have the Certificates on professional activity

22 scientific journals, some of which are included into scientific data base Web of Science, Index Copernicus.

Annually the scientists of KNUCA implement:

  • the scientific and research work for UAH 15 mln is carried out;
  • 25 patents are obtained;
  • 70 international exhibitions and scientific conferences are held;
  • 140 topics of scientific research are implemented;
  • 1200 scientific publications are carried out;
  • 15 summer and winter schools for students and scholars are opened;
  • 9 doctoral and 23 candidate’s theses are defended;