The well-coordinated work of the whole team allowed the University to obtain the status of national and to become a great educational and scientific complex. KNUCA has a powerful human capacity that can successfully solve all the challenges that face the modern  educational institution.

The personnel policy of the University is oriented on continuing improvement of the qualitative composition of academic staff, on mastery of modern teaching methods by the teachers, on preservation of continuity and enhancement of labor motivation in order to ensure a high level of training of specialists.  There is a system of training of teachers as well as the internships in other higher educational establishments, enterprises, organizations in Ukraine and abroad.

The appropriate conditions for increasing the   scientific level of the instructors have been created in KNUCA. There is a doctoral and postgraduate studies and ten specialized academic councils. Doctoral and Ph.D. theses on technical and economical sciences are defended on a regular basis.

For the achieved success 21 scientists have received State awards, 35 employees were conferred with honorary titles.


Employees of KNUCA                                                           2195

including academic personnel                                                  1123

Awarded titles                                                                          35

as follows:

“People’s Architect of Ukraine”                                               2

“Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine”    12

“Merited Education Worker of Ukraine”                                        9

“Merited Economist of Ukraine”                                            4

“Merited Builder of Ukraine”                                                 4

“Merited Service Sector Worker of Ukraine”                                   1

“Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports

of Ukraine”                                                                             2

“Honored Lawyer of Ukraine”                                               1

Academicians of the National Academy
of Sciences of Ukraine                                                             1

Correspondent Member of the National
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine                                               1

Academicians of National Academies of Sciences of Ukraine            2

Correspondent Member of National Academies of Sciences           1

Awarded by the State Prizes                                                    21

including the following fields in:

Science and Technology                                                                     12

Education                                                                                 9