Mission of the College is to train professionals of new generation who will have competitive skills on the labor market and will ensure adequate adaptability and social mobility.

Our College is an institution with high corporate culture, innovative education and constant move toward excellence. It is included in the top ten of the best Kyiv colleges in Ukraine.

Kyiv Industrial Professional College is 70. In 2015, it was united with KNUCA as a separate structural subdivision.

Studying at Kyiv Industrial Professional College has competitive advantages.

Qualitative innovative education. The formation of professional competences is based on the use of innovative educational technologies focused on practical activities.

Well-paid profession. The college provides educational services in the most sought after professions among the ones that are relevant today in the labor market.

Rapid career growth. The graduates of the college obtain the knowledge and skills they need to successfully build a career: the ability to think critically, to interact and communicate, the creative approach, emotional intelligence and responsible attitude to the projects.

The educational institution carries out training of specialists for the educational-qualification level “Junior Specialist” in the following specialties: Business Activity, Trade and Stock Exchange; Finance, Banking and Insurance; Accounting and Taxation; Industrial Engineering; Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies; Chemical Technologies and Engineering; Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration.

The students, who study the technical subjects, have the opportunity (part-time learning) to obtain additional higher education simultaneously and to receive a second diploma in Economic Sciences in the following specialties: “Business Activity, Trade and Stock Exchange”, “Accounting and Taxation”, “Finance, Banking and Insurance”. Applicants of art and technology department improve their professional skills in art workshops. The students of electromechanical department acquire professional skills in the laboratories with modern equipment from the German company “FESTO” and with the “UNITRINICS” microprocessor controllers (produced in Israel) with the support of the Company “KLINKMANN – Ukraine”.

Kyiv Industrial Professional College of KNUCA
Novoukrainska St, 24А, Kyiv, 04112
м. Київ, 04112,

Kyiv Industrial Professional College of KNUCA
Novoukrainska St, 24А,
Kyiv, 02000
E-mail: indkit1@bigmir.net