The mission of the College – is to give the young people the opportunity not only get a profession but to widen their outlook.
The college provides its graduates with the junior specialist diplomas. The subject committees train the professionals in 11 specialties:

  • “Forest management (wood processing)”;
  • “Design”;
  • “Economics”;
  • “Finance, banking and insurance”;
  • “Accounting and taxation”;
  • “Software Engineering”;
  • “Computer Engineering”;
  • “Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics”;
  • “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”;
  • “Chemical Technology and Engineering”;
  • “Social work”.

The graduates of all specialties work at the enterprises in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.
The teaching staff of the college and the administration take into account the requirements of the labor market and social needs and continue improving the educational process, expanding the material and technical base, updating the content and forms of education, introducing new pedagogical technologies, programs of continuous computer training of students at all stages of training.
A local network has been created, there is a modern multimedia training complex for training, 7 modern computer laboratories have made it possible to rebuild a system of training in almost all disciplines using electronic media information, to conduct the course and diploma works by using the latest achievements of the computer technology.

History of the institution
1911 – government lower craft school in Zhytomyr
1924 – Industrial technical school of mechanical wood processing
1939 – Technical school of mechanical wood processing (MWP)
1990 – Technology College
2015 – Zhytomyr technology college became a separate structural subdivision of Kyiv national university of construction and architecture.

  • 3 training and laboratory buildings
  • Training and industrial shops
  • Library with 70,5 thousand publications copies
  • Electronic library
  • The dormitory for 500 persons
  • The clinic and the dentist’s
  • a 480 seat auditorium
  • Sports and health complex
  • a dining room for 160 persons
  • A buffet for 24 persons
  • Mini coffee shop
  • Students club

Zhytomyr Technological Professional College of KNUCA
37, Nebesnoyi Sotni Street
Zhytomyr 10029
tel.: +(+3080412) 47-31-72

Zhytomyr Technological Professional College of KNUCA
Nebesnoji Sotni St, 37,
Zhytomyr 10001

Zhytomyr technological college of KNUCA
Nebesnoji Sotni St, 37,
Zhytomyr 10001