Mission of the Center is to create  positive image of the University by giving immediate, objective and complete information that is interesting to students, teachers, employers and to the public, a story about participation in international programs and projects, as well as the implementation of rapid communication between the subdivisions of KNUCA.

Information-Analytical Department is a core of the Center. Realizing that the Internet, as a means of communication, allows you to solve virtually unlimited range of tasks, in particular, it transmits information of different types: audio, video, text, etc., our University  uses it with the maximum return. New modern site and students TV studio have been created. The data are being updated constantly:  news of the University and separate units, as well as the information for applicants and their parents.  The information is written and performed professionally and in modern way, it is handy to use it. TV studio gives the opportunity to the students  to speak about the chosen profession and the level of education, it also may contain the students’ questions to the administration of the University. All this is possible through the program “Why am I studying at KNUCA” A talk show program with the known personalities of the KNUCA is very appreciated among the students and teaching staff.

The center of information systems and communications and the library are important constituent parts in the organization of the modern infosphere of the University.

Library is a world of new opportunities, it is a territory of tolerance for communication, meetings, ceremonies or just relaxing in the spacious reading rooms. Our library provides space for such activities in its nine reading rooms. There are the following specialized reading rooms: for scientists and for teaching staff, on architecture and art, publications in foreign languages, the reading room of normative literature and technical periodicals. The library provides service for about 9 thousand users, has a large informational resource: more than 1 million copies on construction, architecture and related specialties. There are about 6,000 abstracts and dissertations that were defended by the University’s scientists; we can also find the results of the teaching staff’s work that have been gathered for all period of the University existence.

The library collection is fully presented in the Electronic Catalogue, which contains 211700 bibliographic records,  the automated library information system (ALIS) is used, it also provides the access to the scientific base of Scopus and to the Web of Science. The electronic part is presented on the pages of the website: Databases, Archives of scientific collections and scientific periodicals contains 325 numbers. Electronic collections also contain digital copies of more than 6 thousand unique editions of the seventeenth, seventeenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  this is a pride of the library of KNUCA.