The mission of international activity of the University is to provide quality to the international education, to establish a partnership and to expand the cooperation between foreign higher educational institutions.

Our University started providing foreign students with education in 1948. Then we were among the first higher institutions that were entrusted to educate professionals for other countries. During those years more than 4 thousand foreign citizens from 116 countries have graduated from the University.

Now KNUCA cooperates with more than 40 foreign partners from 25 countries, participates in 13 international associations, in 4 European programs, it is a founder of 4 scientific journals.

The participation of  KNUCA in European educational program Erasmus+ provides mobility of the students and instructors, gives an opportunity to take internship or to study for free in European higher educational institutions.

The main feature was and is the course of our University to providing high quality education and to tolerant attitude to the students. As a result, our diplomas are highly valued abroad. Many countries include KNUCA to the list of foreign educational institutions which they acknowledge and recommend to study in.

After the graduation from the university many students have achieved great success. A preparatory department’s listener, the graduate of 1969 Dimitras Hrystofias became a president of Cyprus. The graduate of 1972, the citizen of Vietnam Dang Van Chien was the Advisor of the President of the National Assembly of the SRV and the Chairman of the Friendship “Vietnam-Ukraine”.The graduate of the construction department in 1979 Sharipov Zhusupbek Sharipovich holds the post of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ukraine.

Having spent 5 or 6 years in Ukraine, foreign students call it the second homeland and try to maintain the connection with the “alma mater” throughout their lives. Moreover, the graduates from China created in their homeland the “Union of graduates of the Kyiv Engineering and Construction Institute”. It is because of international authority our University was chosen as the venue for the First International Forum of Foreign Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine.


25 international grants

37 international scientific and educational projects and programs

27 international scientific and practical conferences annually

4 programs of international academic mobility, in which take part 13 scholars and 9 students

16 summer and winter schools with foreign students.

In 6 countries, 10 external independent assessments were conducted by 13 scholars of KNUCA

7 active international educational programs with double diplomas (Ukrainian diploma + foreign one)

12 students of KNUCA got the top places at international sport competitions in 2018.