We actively collaborate with various organizations and foundations that provide financial support for scientific research and innovative projects. These grants allow students and faculty to tackle current issues and develop new solutions in the field of construction and architecture.

KNUCA supports active international cooperation and promotes the participation of students and faculty in international grant programs. These grants provide the opportunity to gain experience working abroad, communicate with scientists from other countries, and develop their scientific competencies. Our students and faculty are actively involved in scientific research, making our university a recognized leader in the field of construction and architecture.

Scientific research and innovation are essential components of our university’s development. As part of our efforts to expand scientific horizons and promote the academic growth of our community, the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture actively engages in various grant support programs.

Grant Support Programs:

**Horizon Europe** – The 9th Framework Program for Research and Technological Cooperation of the European Union. [Learn more about Horizon Europe grants]

**Horizon 2020** – The 8th Framework Program for Research and Innovation of the European Union. Horizon 2020 is one of the most prestigious programs of the European Union, aimed at supporting research and innovation projects. The university actively participates in Horizon 2020 grants, collaborating with renowned scientists and researchers from around the world. [Learn more about Horizon 2020 grants]

**European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)** – An international program aimed at supporting and promoting scientific cooperation between European Union countries. Participation in the COST program allows our researchers to join international scientific networks and projects, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas. [Learn more about COST grants] We are proud to participate in such prestigious grant support programs, which help us ensure that our researchers and students have maximum access to the global scientific community and innovative achievements.