Mission of the institute is to constantly implement innovative methodologies into the educational process, to provide our students with modern education – that is the key to their future success.

Institute of Innovative Education is a modern educational establishment for training of specialists in the construction field. There is a system of distance learning, the trainings are conducted and interactive techniques are widely used. As a modern approach to studying the institution uses the involvement of leading practitioners from the following enterprises and public authorities into the teaching process: The State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine and design organizations.

Every year about 3000 students, among which there are undergraduates and graduates, study at the institute; they obtain the correspondent degrees: Bachelor’s and Master’s. The Institute of Innovative Education of KNUCA continuously conducts the advanced training courses and prepares specialists for certification in the following areas:

  • manager of a multi-family dwelling (group of houses);
  • energy efficiency and energy audit;
  • improvement of urban areas;
  • occupational studies of the certified geodetic surveyors;
  • occupational studies of the certified senior surveying engineers;
  • preparation for the certification of geodetic surveyors and others.

The Institute educates the specialists of the following specialties: 191 ” Architecture and Urban Development” (educational programs: “Architecture of buildings and structures”, “Design of the Environment”);192 “Construction and Civil Engineering” (educational programs “Urban Construction and Economy”, “Industrial and Civil Construction”, “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation”, “Water supply and Sewage Systems”); 193 “Geodesy and Land Management” (educational programs: «Geodesy and land management», «Engineering geodesy», «Land management and cadastre»); 051 “Economics”; 073 “Management”; 123 “Computer Engineering”.

Our graduates work in their specialties in the construction industry at the positions of project managers, chief engineers of construction projects, managers of industrial and communal enterprises.

The Institute of innovative education of KNUCA

4, Osvity Street
Kyiv, 03037;
tel. (044) 245 48 56,


The Institute of innovative education of KNUCA

Osvity St, 4,
Kyiv, 03037
E-mail: office@iino.in