The mission of the Young Researchers Council – is to activate and promote the professional growth of young scientists of KNUCA, to unite their efforts for solving the foreground scientific tasks, to attract their attention to educational processes of the University.

The Young Researchers Council is formed of post-graduate students, doctoral students, teaching and scientific staff of the KNUCA under the age of 35 on the basis of common scientific, professional and social interests.

Young scientists actively implement new forms of training, conduct scientific researches. The Council provides all-rounded promotion of scientific, innovative and inventive and other creative activity of young researchers of the KNUCA, as well as protection and realization of their professional, intelligent, legal and socio-economic rights of the interuniversity integration of young scientists.

The main idea of the modern Young Researchers Council of KNUCA – is to form scientific potential in the University that is able to solve organizational, educational problems and to have a platform and opportunity for realization of their ideas as well as their personalities.

On the initiative of the Young Researchers Council the Construction Staff Portal of the KNUCA was created. The purpose of the Portal is to unite employers in construction field with the University, its students and graduates for acquiring practical skills and finding the first place of work, introducing the issues of dual education and the graduates’ employment. The Portal deals with the searching of specialists for construction enterprises and architectural bureaus, with the organization of trainings and advanced training courses, with training of specialists on request.

The Construction Staff Portal seeks to unleash the potential of each student, to employ the most talented young people, to make the learning process more effective and to help employers choose the best specialists.

In the University “Employers Forum and Career Day”, International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Students of BUILD MASTER CLASS are held. Young scientists and the teaching staff do the internships abroad; attend exhibitions and professional forums and events of all-Ukrainian significance: Active House Days, Kyiv Smart City Forum.

The Young Researchers Council of the KNUCA is a moving force for implementation of modern and innovative forms and approaches in education and science in the University and construction branch as well.

We build our carrier together!