The main aim of the scientific and research work (SRW) of the students is the formation of personality of the high-qualified scientist and specialist who meets the needs of the economy and society.

SRW of the students is provided by:

  • the scientific and research work that is included into the training process;
  • participation in grant programs;
  • participation in scientific conferences, competitions, Olympiads;
  • invention activity;
  • monitoring of the results of the students’ researches in scientific journals.

The students are involved in the process of scientific and research work of the scientific schools of the University that helps them to work with the leading scientists of the KNUCA and to improve their knowledge.

More than 60% of students are engaged in the scientific and research work in our University. There are 80 students’ scientific clubs in the work of which almost 700 students take part; the student seminars on the topics of their scientific researchers are held.

Annually more than 400 articles and theses of reports are published by the students and scientists of the KNUCA.

The University is constantly conducting the events that are aimed to develop, identify and realize the students’ abilities, conferences, competitions on educational disciplines and specialties and exhibitions. The students take part in the projects on economic and contractual and state budget subjects.

With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian competition of Student Scientific Works on Natural, Technical and Humanitarian Sciences and the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad is held annually. This is being done to support the gifted students, to create the conditions for their growth, for activation of scientific and research work of the students.  The students from 50 chairs of our University take part in the events mentioned above.   The All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad is held on 28 disinclines and 10 specialties.

To promote students for their activity all the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition and Olympiad receive honors from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the University and are encouraged financially.

The students, who have significant achievements in scientific work, have an advantage when entering the postgraduate course.

Among the graduates of the KNUCA:

9 students take internship in foreign educational establishments annually;

45 students won prize-winning places at international and all-Ukrainian student Olympiads in 2018.