The preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff at doctoral and postgraduate studies is carried out through day release courses as well as the learning on the job. They are available in 10 direction and 18 specialties. Annually near 60-70 Candidates of Sciences (Ph. D) and doctors of Sciences defend their dissertations. Today near 300 postgraduate students and 24 doctoral students are trained at the University.

There are 10 Specialized Academic Councils on the defense of theses for obtaining a scientific degree of a doctor and a candidate of technical and economic sciences in 22 academic specialties.

The specialties of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies:

02 Culture and Art:

022 Design;

03 Soft Sciences:

032 History and Archeology;

05 Social and Behavioural Sciences:

051 Economics;

052 Politology;

07 Management and Administration:

073 Management;

076 Entrepreneurial Management, Trade and Exchange activities;

10 Environmental Studies:

101 Ecology;

103 Earth Science (Geoscience);

12 Information Technologies:

122 Computer Science;

124 System analysis;

126 Information systems and technologies;

13 Mechanic Engineering:

131 Applied Mathematics;

133 Sectoral engineering;

14 Electrical engineering:

141 Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics;

19 Architecture and Construction:

191 Architecture and City Development;

192 Construction and Civil Engineering;

193 Geodesy and Land Management;

26 Civil Security:

263 Civil Security.