The pedagogical work is one of the main parts in organization of the training process in the University.
The deputy deans for educational work, tutors of academic groups work at all departments of the KNUCA. The University has the Student Self-Government Council (SSGC), there are 7 faculty councils here. 6 sectors are included into the Students’ Self-Governing Council: scientific; sport sector; social; cultural-mass work, information.
Because of close cooperation with the KNUCA administration, students take part in various scholarship programs, charitable projects, as well as interesting round tables, thematic discussions, the so-called “hours of communication”, disputes, discussions, quests, meetings with representatives of various social and rehabilitation services, trainings , thematic weeks; different commemorative dates are celebrated which are connected with our history.
The forms and methods of pedagogical work in the University are constantly being improved. The search for new active forms of leisure activities of students is being conducted, as it contributes to the creation of appropriate conditions and coordination of creative and cultural development of the students of KNUCA.
On November 5, 1969, the Museum of the University was founded. It remains an inexhaustible treasury of human memory that preserves documents, materials, photographs and personal belongings, memorable signs, gifts – all that allows you to touch the live history.
More than 2500 exhibit items have been selected there; the exposition of the museum in six sections has been formed. During its existence over 60 thousand people have visited the museum.
Three Books of Honor are exhibited here. The first Book of Honor includes the names of the renowned university staff. Yurii Oleksandrovych Vietrov was the first name written in this Book. The Second Book of Honor includes the students’ names who have graduated from the University with honors. The Third Book of Honor includes the names of the teachers and students who died in the battles for our Motherland.