Mission of the College is to train highly-qualified specialists, to form the students’ need in improvement of their professional qualities through self-education, to contribute to their sense of national identity formation, to readiness for self-realization in professional activities and social work; to preserve the best traditions of the college, contributing to the history of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

The students of the college are trained in the following specialties:

191 Architecture and City Planning. Architectural design engineers perform drawings; design houses; make layouts of premises; calculate technical and economic indicators of the project; carry out planning and improvement of the settlements.

192 Construction and Civil Engineering. Civil engineers calculate the engineering and cost estimates; carry out quality control over the construction and installation works; assess the state of buildings and engineering communications; have a good knowledge of urban planning, garden and landscape construction, urban reconstruction.

Sanitary engineering technicians develop projects of networks and structures for water supply and sewerage industry; carry out maintenance of the networks, structures and equipment of plumbing and sewerage economy; ensure implementation of high-quality water purification;
control the fulfillment of the requirements of industrial sanitation when performing technological processes.

Sanitary engineering technicians develop the engineering and estimate documentation; provide installation and repair of sanitary-technical systems, equipment; conduct complex tests, the system, equipment and networks regulation; carry out the quality control of materials and systems installation.
022 Design. A designer performs design projects on the basis of modern computer technologies; makes an estimate for the purchase of materials and work.

193 Geodesy and Land Management. A land surveyor makes up official acts on land possession and various documentation for land and real estate valuation; makes up technical reports and documents certifying ownership of land or use of land.

Our institution repeatedly won local grants and participated in the development of information, telecommunication and innovative technologies in the educational institutions of Vinnytsia region. The College students present creative works at personal exhibitions, win the International open competitions on Web-design and computer graphics, All-Ukrainian contests of creative projects in architecture, International language and literature contests, All-Ukrainian Olympiads in mathematics, foreign languages and chemistry.

History of the College

Vinnytsia Professional College of Construction, Architecture and Design of  KNUCA  is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine.

1920 – Ameliorative and Construction Vocational Technical School;

1928 – Ameliorative and Construction College;

1930 – Technical School of Communal and Public Construction;

1960 – Construction College;

2013 – was renamed to Vinnytsia College of Construction and Architecture and became a member of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture as a separate structural unit.

Over 30 thousand specialists have been trained for nearly a century’s work of the establishment. Among the graduates of the college there are high officials, local government officials of various levels, politicians, educators and scientists, well-known artists and athletes – those people who develop Ukraine today.


Vinnytsia Professional College of Construction, Architecture and Design of  KNUCA
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Vinnytsia Professional College of Construction, Architecture and Design of  KNUCA
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