Mission of the pre-university training department – is to help school leavers to choose a specialty, to successfully pass the external independent evaluation and to pass the entrance exams.

The pre-university training department implements the preparation of the youth for external independent evaluation to study in KNUCA in future and to participate in creativity competition (on drawing, painting, graphics, composition) for architecture department joining.  Educational process of the courses is provided by the experienced instructors of the leading departments of the University.  The listeners are suggested part-time studying and on Saturdays.

The pupils of the 10th and 11th forms of high schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, professional education institutions and college graduates as well as those who have Certificate about full sеcondary education may become the listeners of the pre-university training department. Every year almost all listeners of the course become the students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

The external independent evaluation unit was created on the basis of the KNUCA.

Within the framework of systematic work with entrants, occupational guidance for prospective students, Doors Open Days, master classes, creative competitions, professional tests, and professional trade fairs are held.

All the forms of vocational guidance work cover more than 75% of young people entering the KNUCA.