Kyiv polytechnical institute was founded.


The chair of construction science of KPI was founded. It was headed by Yevhen Oskarovych Paton.

17 April 1930

Kyiv construction institute was created basing on the factory and communal construction of the KPI department and on Kyiv art institute department. The institute was located at the address 10 Peremohy Avenue (then Shevchenko blvd.)  The incentive of the institute founding belonged to the group of professors, scientists who thought that Kyiv had to have its own higher educational establishment that would graduate the professionals on civil engineering specialties. The first director of the institute was Yevhen Hryhorovych Yakovlev. There were accepted 824 students for the first year. They indeed were lucky to listen to the lections of such outstanding architects as Oleksander Verbytskyi, Volodymyr Zabolotnyi.


The scientific and research center was created.


The higher educational establishment obtained the title – Kyiv civil-engineering institute (KCEI).


Kyiv institute of civil engineers was joined to KCEI.


KCEI was headed by the famous scientist Yurii Oleksandrovych Vietrov. During 22 years he was a rector of the institute.  It was the time when the new campus was created, new branches of scientific activity expanded, new departments were founded and the number of students rose. Today one of the studying classes is named after Yurii Vietrov


The institute moved to the new building on Povitroflotskyi Avenue, which was created by the team of architects – Gopkalo V.I., Katok L.B., Liberberg M.R.

1965 – 1966

The Sport complex was created which contained the stadium and 3 storey building with sport facilities and a swimming pool (architects Gusiev N.A., Katok L.B., Liberberg M.R).


For the achieved success in preparation of professionals and helding of scientific research the KCEI received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


From the side of Osvity Street the 4-storey building was attached to the main one; it had studying facilities and was connected with the building of information center.


The building for architecture department was erected from the side of Preobrazhenska Street (architects Filenko L.I., Gershenzon M.SH., Korobka V.L.)


KCEI was renamed into Ukrainian state university of construction and architecture, but in the middle of August it got the name – Kyiv state technical university of construction and architecture.


By the decree of the President of Ukraine, the institution was granted the status of National and renamed into Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture – KNUCA.


Since 2012 the University has been headed by the Doctor of Economics, Professor, Merited Education Worker of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (2008), education (2013). Petro Musiiovych Kulikov.

During its existence the University has prepared near 80 thousand professionals including those for 116 countries all around the world.

The University has become alma mater for 6 Heroes of Ukraine, more than 70 State Prize Laureates and Honored Persons and Merited Workers of Ukraine.


The University received a certificate confirming that the management system of KNUCA complies with the international standard ISO 9001.